#AltafontePRO: We accompany the training of artists and labels


The program of updates in networks and digital platforms was born from the South to expand globally

In the digital world, changes are the only constant . For this reason, Altafonte has inaugurated a training and updating space aimed at partners, which seeks to keep artists and labels up to date with all the news, transformations, possibilities and tools that Altafonte offers, as well as DSPs, social networks and other digital platforms.

AltafontePRO is the name of this initiative born from the south and with global reach, which represents another step in strengthening Altafonte's vision, which places artists at the center to accompany their growth.

As part of this initiative, three meetings with platforms have already been held, including Apple Music and TikTok , with the support of their referents. It's planned to continue this ongoing process with monthly, specialized and exclusive appointments for partners.

The most recent #AltafontePro meeting was on Wednesday, October 13, where they discussed spatial audio as the future of music. Andrea Montoya of Apple Music, Christopher Manhey producer and winner of Latin Grammy and the engineer Roberto Espinoza, of the first studio licensed by Dolby in Chile spoke.

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