We celebrate Musician's Day with acoustic performances by more than 14 artists


Coti, Arde La Sangre, Vale Acevedo, Marki, El Más Ladrón and El Plan de la Mariposa are some of the musicians who participated in this celebration.

On January 23, Altafonte Argentina held a multiplatform digital event to celebrate Musician's Day, an event that remembers El Flaco Luis Aberto Spinetta and pays tribute to the artists who embellish and transform reality with their songs.

Arde la Sangre, Vale Acevedo, El Plan de la Mariposa, Marki, El Más Ladrón and Sofía Campos were some of the more than 14 artists who were part of the celebration, with acoustic versions of songs that were recorded especially for this celebration of which Coti, Inés Mauri, Juan Ibarlucía & Marina Will, Juan Portella, Joaquín del Mundo and Kurz also participated.

The event is available on the YouTube channel and Instagram profile of Altafonte Argentina (@altafonte_argentina).

The production, recording and editing of most of the videos was carried out by the Altafonte Argentina Content team, in a musical day held at the Casa Temple facilities, in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

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