Benjamín Walker releases his single "Querernos bien".

Benjamín Walker

Benjamín Walker is living happy months in what so far are moments of great changes in his career. He moved to Mexico City, from where he is expanding his musical project, with shows in Guadalajara, Puebla and Mexico City in the last month, and now in Morelos, he filmed the video for his new single. "Querernos bien", which is the latest release from his album to be released in the last days of November, is already available on digital platforms and YouTube.

In this single, Benjamín returns to the pop momentum of the album, which, he says, also has a darker side. About "Querernos bien", he comments that "it is a song that talks about the unnecessary tensions that are generated by the lack of communication in relationships, whether of love or friendship, due to our difficulty to make transparent what we really want, although the situation is undramatized... 'there are so many ways to love each other well' says the lyrics, and that is what it is, everything is much simpler than it seems if we share our desires".

Unlike the rest of the album, this single was produced by Francisco Victoria, Chilean musician and producer (Princesa Alba, Gonzalo Yañez, Felicia Morales), while the cover was made by national illustrator Matías Prado. As for the video clip, he is very happy because for the first time the premiere will be simultaneously on Spotify and YouTube. "The video was directed by Franco Bertozzi and a tremendous Chilean-Mexican team, we filmed it in the outskirts of Mexico, in the San Gabriel de las Palmas hacienda in Morelos, and it was beautiful", he says.

Benjamin Walker has been living in Mexico since August, an arrival that was very intense, "coming from total quarantine to being in a country that keeps culture active within the parameters of Covid has been very powerful," he says.

He declares himself very happy and surprised by the reception he has had along with his musicians, Nicolás Sotomayor and Hakanna. "The concerts we have played have been full, which has surprised me a lot, it revitalized us, gave us a lot of energy, but the most beautiful thing is that a Chilean community of several artists is being formed, some are visiting, others are staying, but the truth is that there is a network of contacts and a community of Chilean musicians that perhaps had never been seen before and it has been very nice to live with that". 

By the end of the year, Benjamín hopes to return to Chile to present his new album live. "We are confident that things will be reactivated between now and the end of the year, we want to do a tour of cities in December and hopefully be playing in the summer, we have concrete plans for Chile and Argentina, in what would be our first live approach to that country," he says.

Querernos Bien - Benjamín Walker
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