El Plan de la Mariposa reveals its creative process in "Una Especie en Extinción"


A documentary that traces the band's journey to compose, produce and present their album Estado de Enlace.

It is where the different points of view meet to build together a new meaning, where the essence that characterizes the way of working of the Argentine rock band El Plan de la Mariposa dwells.

This is what they present in the documentary "Una Especie en Extinción", a new audiovisual material that was premiered on YouTube, as part of the celebration of the first anniversary of the album Estado de Enlace.

“Una Especie en Extinción” reveals the journey that El Plan went through to compose, produce and present their album, and raises questions about group work in times where individuality seems to reign.

The audiovisual material features unpublished backstage footage of El Plan's creative facets and inside the Romaphonic studio, during the recording of Estado de Enlace. It also gives voice to the protagonists through exclusive interviews.

The siblings Sebastián Andersen, Santiago Andersen, Camila Andersen, Valentín Andersen and Máximo Andersen, together with Andrés Nör and Julián Ropero, reveal the value they attribute to collective work and to the encounter within music, although this is not always easily achieved. With the search and the experience of this duality on their backs, they go to meet their audience, to offer them songs of freedom and invite them to go through their own processes.

The documentary also features the participation of Facundo Rodríguez, recording engineer (eight-time Gardel Award winner); Santiago McCarthy, sound engineer; León Pablo Maturana, drum doctor; and Luis Volcoff, producer of the albums Trance Habitante and Danza de Antalgia, who offer their perspectives on the journey of El Plan de la Mariposa.

Sebastián Andersen, singer and composer, declares that the documentary "shows the internal dynamics of El Plan de la Mariposa when creating their records, their works; and puts on the table the talk about the groups".

Santiago Andersen, violinist of the group, agrees that "this documentary is a window to the artistic creation processes of El Plan" and assures: "doing the interview and then watching the documentary made me see with new eyes and perspective this collective form that is El Plan, that exceeds us, that exceeds individualities and that involves us in a tide and a creative frenzy that is very good and that does not stop giving us joy, opportunities and new ways of finding ourselves".

Regarding the presentation of the documentary in the framework of the album's anniversary, singer Camila Andersen says: "I am thrilled to premiere the documentary of Estado de Enlace in the month of its release. I feel that it is opening another door to the outside world that reconnects us more with the people who accompany us on this journey, sharing with them what it was like to bring this work to life, with all it meant to us".

The production of “Una especie en extinción” was carried out by Altafonte Argentina, Savia and Estudio Pana, directed by Alan Casas Rodríguez, Camila Pietrafesa and María Gabriela Fernández, with photography direction by Salvador Kaplun.

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