Manu Hattom and María de la Flor sing to the vestige of love in "Bolero Para Encontrarte"


Manu Hattom displays his talents as a singer-songwriter in “Bolero para Encontrarte”, accompanied by a jewel of Spanish independent song: the talented María de la Flor.

In this open-hearted ballad, Manu sings to the vestige of a love that came, left and disappeared. "Bolero para Encontrarte" is the duel of the encounter with the past, a confession that is located between the apogee and the decadence. With the use of creole guitars, double bass, piano and percussion, Hattom has managed to compose a bolero that captures the traditional melancholy of the genre and, in turn, vindicates it with fresh airs to bring it closer to new generations.

This song, which will be part of Manu Hattom's next studio album, also has its official video filmed in Madrid, Spain. It was made by Julián Lona under the direction and production of Josefina Nicolás, who was also behind the cover art. The clip, starring the Chilean Sebastián Bretón and the Spanish actress Raquel Arnaiz, tells a love story set in the 1960s and immerses the audience in the environment of nostalgia, sadness and reproaches of a relationship that has ended.

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