Marki releases "MIXTAPE DE VERANO"


After a 2021 full of successful releases, the artist releases his first EP.

Marki never ceases to surprise his followers and welcomes the year with an EP full of strength. MIXTAPE DE VERANO is a compilation of 5 tracks that the artist specifically selected for this summer 2022.

Throughout it, Marki once again demonstrates his versatility. He covers genres such as indie, lo-fi and hip-hop, characteristic of his work in the home studio, on the songs “22” and “PARQUE DE DIVERSIONES”. There are also stronger moments like with the songs “AMERRIKAN HORROR LOVE” and “PUNKY PLAYERO” that show his more punk rocker side, with passages that reach dubstep. Finally “COMER Y MECHAR” the 5th song is the most pop of the mixtape.

The EP unites organically between songs, telling typical summer stories of love and heartbreak. All lyrics were written by Marki.

The album has 4 producers: Federico Paez, Joaquin Bernabe, Punga and Halpe.

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