Peces Raros fuses electronics with pop in Dogma


Their new album.

DOGMA comes as a break. Electronics won the sonic round and opens the door to a neat aesthetic. In this study space / laboratory Peces Raros find the tools to enhance the song, giving each of them its own specific weight. This is how a versatile album of 10 unique songs is formed, linked by an invisible thread. DOGMA is both a sound and a way of making songs and for Peces Raros a new step on their restless path.


In 2021 Peces Raros presented three cuts of diffusion of DOGMA: “Cicuta”, “Fablaciones” and “Reliquia”. In "Cicuta" the band approaches rock from a digital position with minimalist pretentions. In "Fabulaciones" the aesthetic becomes enigmatic and full of suspense, the song acting as a support for a dreamlike and paranoid story. Finally, in "Reliquia" the band focuses on voice work, emulating Latin rhythms and betting on unexpected breaks.

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