Marciano - Schuster & Mariel Mariel

Schuster, Mariel Mariel & DRFIFO, a high impact trio bringing the first Dolby Atmos immersive audio production to Chile

Schuster has the ability to surprise with his versatility in each musical delivery and "Marciano" is one of those delicate samples of talent and creativity that are so appreciated in music. The song is exquisitely performed by the tremendous Mariel Mariel, who gives it a perfect touch with subtlety in harmonies, choruses and a bit of the phrasing that she does so well.

It is a song that gives the first sketches of what is intended to be the future second album of Schuster, who will be releasing level themes to give the complete composition of tracks.

Marciano has a very particular story and it is Schuster himself who tells it: "On a night of nostalgic quarantine Utópiko sent me a beat, I composed the first part of the verse and the chorus; the next day I got together with Tom P and I started to broadcast live on Twitch, then people helped us to compose the song live. That's how the song was born, then it took another shape when Mariel heard it... She is from Maha Records and we always take the opinion of the other artists in the compositions, but when she heard it she told us that she needed to sing it and if she felt that, it was her. Which was proven when we got her recorded part and then Drfifo finished producing it".

Mariel Mariel tells us about her experience of being part of this production, which is much more than music in her point of view: "This song has a cinematographic atmosphere for me; the pandemic life, which is more solitary, has made me connect intensely with the series and movies I watch, plus Schuster is an actor, so Marciano is a game of images of us inside a chapter, or a movie, with a flow of science fiction and nostalgia".

A relevant detail of Marciano, is that the production was designed to be developed in immersive audio formats, what is that? One of the keys that makes the work of Christopher Manhey (Drfifo) unique, he explains: "The advancement of technology allows us to deliver increasingly better experiences through sound and create new listening options to the conventional stereo format. As I progressed with the production of Marciano I realized that this is a paradigm shift for us as creators, we can now add a dimension to the movement of the elements in space, it is a quantum leap, not only Dolby Atmos, but its various applications such as binaural, which is created to be heard with headphones".

Dolby Atmos is the format we are all familiar with from its application in movie theaters and is now being adopted by the music industry to deliver immersive sound experiences that bring artists and their audiences closer together.

The invitation is to enjoy the song on all music platforms in its stereo versión and Dolby Atmos for Apple Music.

In addition to the music video directed by the power girl of the musical image, Camila Grandi on Schuster's YouTube channel.

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