Silvio Rodríguez with Diákara: The story behind the album


Altafonte presents the documentary "Silvio Rodríguez con Diákara", which tells the extraordinary story of the last album of the famous Cuban singer-songwriter, the homonymous "Silvio Rodríguez con Diákara".

A lost album that began to be recorded 30 years ago in Mexico together with the Latin jazz supergroup Diákara, but would not be completed until 2021 in Havana.

In 1991, Silvio Rodríguez was immersed in a historic tour of the Aztec country with Diákara as a backing band. The band was led by the great Cuban percussionist Óscar Valdes Jr, who sought to approach the sound of very popular bands on the island, such as Irakere or Afrocuba.

The Mexican tour was crowned with a series of recordings at the PolyGram label's studios in Coyoacán. Just three or four sessions in which they were able to record the 10 songs that make up the album and that reflect a unique moment in the troubadour's career.

Throughout these three chapters, some of the original members of Diákara like Emilio Vega (keyboards) or Ramón Valle (percussion) and other protagonists of this story like Francisco Miranda (the sound engineer who recorded the songs in Coyoacán in 1991) and Olimpia Calderón (current sound technician of the Ojalá studios in Havana) tell the details of this extraordinary project.

The production team traveled to different locations (Mexico City, Havana, Amsterdam) to interview the participants. In addition, the documentary includes impressive archival footage of Silvio Rodríguez and Diákara in that glorious era.

The full documentary is available on YouTube, Apple Music, Amazon and Jaxta. You can watch it, and also listen to the album "Silvio Rodríguez con Diákara".

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