Vale Acevedo raises her voice on “Mi Poder”


The Argentine singer premieres a song and video full of strength

Vale Acevedo closes the year with a new single full of energy. The song is titled "Mi Poder" and refers to the importance of daring to live with reality and listen to the desires of the soul.

Through her lyrics, the artist invites the audience to light the fire that we all have inside. Get off autopilot, break the rules, play the beautiful game of life and let the power of each person unfold.

The pop-rock style of “Mi Poder” mixed with rap encourages you to play it, and it was recorded at The Best Studio, produced by Coca Monte and Panda Elliot, with the special participation of Gabi Pedernera from Eruca Sativa. Edited by the label Numen.

“Mi Poder” ya está disponible en todas las plataformas digitales.

Vale Acevedo is an Argentine pop, rock and blues singer and songwriter. For several years she has been playing the guitar and strolling through different scenarios and touring squares throughout the country. In them she presented her EPs of covers of "Rock Argentino" and "¿Quien te conoce?" of original songs, both produced by Sebastián Barbuí.

2021 began with the release of a new song “Que Salga”, a song that breathes hope. In the middle of the year she premiered “Preguntame”, and began a tour throughout the country. Vale closes this 2021 with her new single.

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