Mónica Naranjo: abran paso a una reina


Mónica Naranjois considered one of the most powerful voices on the world music scene, thanks to her unbreathable vocal range, unique stage presence and more than ten million albums sold worldwide. Her duets (with artists such as Luciano Pavarotti, Mina, Rocío Jurado and Gloria Trevi) and tours (from symphonic to rock) have not gone unnoticed, not only by her fans, but also by the general public, who enjoy every time this scenic animal steps on stage. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

Six years after the rock opera Lubna, which was her seventh LP, Mónica Naranjo will release her eighth album, MIMETIKA, where she returns to the sound of one of her most iconic albums, Tarántula.

An electronic rock album with a sweeping sound, the result of the artist's evolution and maturity. Monica is made up of many characters and all of them blend into one, thus reinforcing her feminine power. This particularity gives her great versatility to move in different styles, which she develops with great fluency and fluidity.

"Lágrimas de un ángel" is her first single and coincides with the premiere of the new NETFLIX reality show "Amor con Fianza" (it will premiere in 190 countries at the same time) of which Mónica is the host and whose central theme song is this single. A cocktail with which Monica returns with power and forcefulness.


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