Chica Sobresalto quiere bailar mal


Life is full of pleasures and things that make us feel good... even if we do them wrong. Chica Sobresalto has always been a faithful advocate of doing what you feel like doing and, therefore, now launches 'Bailando Raro'. A new single in which she vindicates the right to dance even if, as she has always said about herself, you do it wrong. This new song, released by El Dromedario Records, is already available on all digital platforms.

In 'Bailando Raro' we find the most electronic version of Maialen. Her voice is mixed with synthesizers and beats that incessantly transport us through this battle cry in which the artist frees herself from labels such as those who called her naive or all the lies that accumulate on Twitter, a social network that she stopped using a few months ago. Bailando Raro' is accompanied by a videolyric in which we see Maialen dancing as she pleases and going from cleaning the offices of her current record label as a 'triumph' to traveling more than 20,000 kilometers as a super heroine who gets on stage.

Precisely this new single serves as a letter of introduction to her new tour Bailando Raro, which under the same name is a new start for her live performances after the presentation tour of 'Sinapsis', her latest album. The tour will start this week in Vigo (October 15) and in the coming months will land in cities across the country as Burgos (October 29), Valencia (November 6), Barcelona (November 12), Pamplona (November 19), Santander (December 3), Bilbao (December 10) and Andoain (December 17). Tickets for these concerts are already on sale on their website,, and new dates will be announced very soon.

Chica Sobresalto's 'Bailando Raro' is already available on all digital platforms. The song, released by El Dromedario Records, has been composed and performed by Chica Sobresalto and produced by Santos & Fluren. The cover photography is by Xabi Ansó and the design is the work of Ibai Sanz. The videolyric can already be seen on their YouTube channel.

Life is two days. Dance weird, dance bad. Dance however you want... but dance!

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