Trapical Fruit Cocktail: LALO EBRATT meets YERA in his new single UVA


What do you imagine when you hear UVA? Uva is a color, a sensation, a taste, a rhythm.

Colombian rapper Lalo Ebratt is back to the big music scene with his new single "UVA", a song that invites you to dance with reggaeton and hip-hop rhythms, for this release he chose a great duo: the singer and producer Yera.

Lalo Ebratt and Yera are one of the most important Colombian artists in urban music in the country. Throughout these years they have positioned themselves at the top of reggaeton and have had the opportunity to share with renowned artists such as Sebastian Yatra, J Balvin and Juanes among others. This duo has proven that together they are the perfect combination to release hits and position themselves at the top of the global music industry.

Lalo is preparing to begin a new stage in his nascent career, he took advantage of the pandemic to work on new music that he will be releasing in the coming months with luxury guests. UVA becomes the first single in this new musical stage.

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