Our History

Our story is the story of passionate people, who would not understand life without music.

La inspiración

In 2006, Nando Luaces and Inma Grass had an inspiration linked to music.

It was not a chord. It wasn't a letter. Not a chorus.

It was something that was going to revolutionize all of the above: digital music distribution.

Inspired by the digital revolution that was growing around the world, in 2006 they decided to invest in developing the first Spanish technology necessary to distribute music digitally.

Las primeras notas

But it was not a random choice motivated by a percentage of profitability.

Nando and Inma were already part of the Music Industry. They already lived, felt and loved music above all else.

Nando founded BOA in 1993 , the first independent company specialized in hip-hop in Spanish. For her part, Inma, had more than 10 years of experience in multinational record companies.

And it is their love of music that led them to continue researching and evolving.

More than an investment, it was a vital necessity.

On the road

All this passion mixed with inspiration, vision, anticipation and luck, led to the founding of Altafonte in 2011.

The first digital musical distributor in Spain.

And, surely, the only in the world that combines technology with a true knowledge and love for music , with large doses of social and environmental awareness, commitment and human values ​​.

There could be no catchier lyrics.

Altafonte hoy

Altafonte is one of the independent music and technology companies with the highest growth in the world and a leader in Latin America. We distribute the music produced by our artists to more than 155 music platforms and services around the world.

Altafonte partners with labels and artists, becoming strategic partners for musicians, so that they can develop their careers to the fullest around the world.

We represent some of the most recognized and established artists in our markets and help young emerging talents to reach a global audience.

We select our partners to be sure that we offer them the best possible service. We work with each artist individually, dedicating all the effort, time, knowledge, dissemination and support to them.

With 16 offices in Iberia, Italy, USA and LATAM and a team of more than 100 people, Altafonte is a music-tech company that is creating local companies and investing in people who have a deep knowledge, presence and relationships with the music scene of each place.

We are part of the musical ecosystem of each market. Our team enjoys a company culture focused on learning, improving and adapting to changes with integrity, transparency, innovation, humility and honesty, in a inclusive work environment that promotes collaboration, community, equality, diversity, talent and ethics.

Nando Luaces / CEO

“We are dedicated to continuing to act as agents of change… making a real difference in the global music industry, where transparency and trust are necessary. We focus on internationalization and creating a global audience for the artists and labels we work with. We adapt to change with humility and honesty.

We create connections and share knowledge. We value cultural diversity and are committed to inclusion, gender equality, collaboration, friendship, and ethics. We are aware of the impact of our actions and we offer real solutions for responsible, sustainable and fair progress. We are very proud of all our achievements and we look forward to continuing to evolve ”

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