Sweet melodies and lyrics with great meaning in ‘Guerrera’, Lorena Blume's new single


2021 has been a year of great results and wonderful surprises for Lorena Blume, in April she was the first Peruvian to appear in the famous Times Square in New York as part of the global campaign EQUALin adition, she presented “Mailof”, a song that talks about self-love and brotherhood, thanks to this topic she was chosen as the representative for Peru for the Spotify campaign.

On October 15 she presentedGUERRERA”, single that speaks of the union between women in a subtle way, a subject where she raises her voice in a more marked and necessary way for the times we are living.

“The song represents women with their difficulties in society and their struggle to bridge existing gaps. It seeks to break with a single stereotype of the feminine and opens the door to different ways of seeing and feeling ourselves women. Guerrera is strength, it is pain but also liberation and sisterhood. ”, The singer tells us.

In the last two years, Lorena Blume has shown us her versatility to experiment with new sounds, self-produce and even be the director of her video clips. With GUERRERA once again shows us her desire to get out of her comfort zone and explore. Unlike her other singles, in this one we notice a clear approach to the electronic world, without neglecting her great closeness to Latin American music and the instruments with which she began in music, percussion.



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