"MI PUERTO" the new single from Mirella Cesa


"Mi Puerto" is a single, with a coastal sound design, a journey through the tropical, colorful and rhythmic essence of Mirella Cesa (pronounced Mírela Chesa). It can be defined as a happy song, which leads us to reconnect with that person, place, moment; that reason that makes us feel good, safe and at home. In the lyrics of the song Mirella describes her anchor, to be able to be and feel complete.

The protagonism of the requintos of the Ecuadorian corridor digitized as a loop, together with a programmed beat and live percussion are the main ingredient of this story, accompanied by charangos, quenas and panpipes that characterize Cesa's sonority. The video will be shot in October.

Production by Joshua Abudeye; editing and arrangements by Joshua Abudeye, Marcel Ferrer and Mirella Cesa; mixing by Puerto Rican Carlos Velasquez, and mastering by Felipe Tichaue "Red Traxx Mastering".

"Mi Puerto", becomes the fourth single that the Ecuadorian singer-songwriter, presents this year, like the previous songs: "Linda Despedida", "El Tesoro" and "Siente", were written in times of confinement by the pandemic, and the first of these, is already rotating in the international video network HTV, reaching position No. 4 of the weekly "Hot Ranking".

Cesa has just attended the Latin Billboards conferences in Miami as part of her media tour, and also met with several colleagues to compose and work on new singles for herself and other artists.

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