Mirella Cesa and her new bolero "When you look at me"


The musical return of the Ecuadorian singer-songwriter Mirella Cesa, continues unstoppable presenting in each single, sounds and nuances that preserve the musical and lyrical essence of romanticism, farewells, and deep love combined with the Andipop evolved to modern times, with rhythms that all this year 2021, Mirella has surprised us by opening our hearts from its most intimate fibers and transforming them into emotions that make us vibrate with music.

The artist presents “When you look at me”, a classic bolero with lyrics of his authorship and musical composition by Mirella herself together with maestro Alejandro Cañote. This song is a journey towards that first feeling and sensations that are experienced in visual contact with that person who moves the universe for us. Wrapped in a vintage atmosphere and with different sparkles provided by the charango in a totally romantic and sensual context; because when love is intense it transforms us, makes us adventurers into the unknown, it is like entering a labyrinth where we will never know what the exit will be like.

The single is produced by Joshua Abudeye, Marcel Ferrer and Mirella Cesa. Mastering Felipe Tichauer.

The promotion of the previous singles: “Linda Despedida”, “El Tesoro”, “Siente” and “Mi Puerto”, have been widely accepted in the media in Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico, Panama and the United States. While the video for "Linda Despedida" takes Latin America, reaching No. 1 in the "Hot Ranking" for the second consecutive week, on the HTV music channel.

La promoción  de los sencillos anteriores: “Linda Despedida”, “El Tesoro”, “Siente” y “Mi Puerto”, han sido de gran aceptación en medios de Ecuador, Colombia, México, Panamá y Estados Unidos. Mientras el video de “Linda Despedida”, se toma Latinoamérica,  llegando al puesto No. 1 en el “Hot Ranking” por segunda semana consecutiva, en el  canal musical HTV.

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