PLEITØ releases his new single and dedicates his raps to love


After having released 3 singles so far this year, the Peruvian artist PLEITØ presents his fourth musical work DDQTT (DAME DE ESO QUE TÚ TIENES)This new single is about a love that waits to be reciprocated, a LoFi song that represents the desire that dreams and thinks of that person who makes time stop and nothing else makes sense.

DDQTT It is a collaboration with the Colombian Junior Zamora, who provides the necessary voice color to take us on this journey of illusion. In addition, the flow of Daske Gaitán, one of the main figures of the urban genre in Peru, also adds a touch of warmth to the track with his melodies and bars.

The lyrics and rap style of PLEITØ make of DDQTT the perfect soundtrack for any situation. PLEITØ comments that he wrote the lyrics in a single day after listening to the beat of Reies, the music producer who accompanies him on this first EP.
“I was in the studio with Reies and when he put the beat he wouldn't stop writing. When we already had the first demo, we thought about adding Junior. I have wanted to work with him for a long time, because of everything he has been doing in his project. Then we decided to also call Daske to get on top of it and give it that contrast in the melodies. Everything that happened afterwards was the magic of eRies, the mixture of Antinori and Francisco's master ", nos cuenta David Labarthe, a.k.a PLEITØ.

DDQTT will be available on Spotify and arrives accompanied along with its official video clip, co-directed by Rodrigo Ramirez and PLEITØ, complemented in the Art Direction by Ivanca Vera.

“Since we were in the studio, I was already clear about what I wanted to tell visually. He had the whole story in his head. We landed a script and I presented it to Daske and Junior and they loved it too. We found a location away from the city on some hills near Asia and I think that was the final ecstasy we needed. Everything was as painted. "


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