Innovation and Technology
al alcance de la mano.

We have our own team of programmers and engineers with whom we have developed a research and innovation laboratory that works to offer effective solutions in a constantly evolving environment.

Today everything is technology. But the important thing is not the technology itself, but what it is developed for, how it is conceived and for what purpose.

At Altafonte, we develop our technology to maximize the success of the artists and labels that work with us. We conceive it through a user friendly and easy to assimilate experience, to make your life easier. And all, in order to make a better world through good music.

Our tools and systems are constantly evolving in order to offer the best service in a constantly changing environment, combining the best human experience with the most up-to-date technology.

Al fin y al cabo, somos una Music & Tech Company. Y estas dos patas tienen que funcionar el unísono como un buen acorde.

We think as a global technology company, not as a traditional music company, and for this reason, we develop our own, unique and cutting-edge technology, which is constantly evolving and improving, by investing in first-rate developer teams.

Logística digital

We guarantee the security of our online storage and the confidentiality of data and works of the catalogs with which we work.

We publish on digital services quickly and without intermediaries.

We process millions of data daily and make it accessible so that labels and artists know at all times what is happening with their music.

Gestión de royalties

We manage platform collections from 150 countries around the planet. We settle and pay our partners on a monthly basis, the money generated by their music anywhere in the world, with payment centers in dollars or euros, we offer a global tax solution for each territory.

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