Altafonte in Spotify’s EQUAL


Spotify continues its global campaign for gender equality in music with the EQUAL program to support the visibility of women in music.

Its latest update includes the participation of 21 Altafonte artists:

In Chile: Ana Tijoux, Princesa Alba and Camila Moreno.
In LATAM Central: Son Tentación, Gaby Zambrano, Pamela Rodríguez, La Lá, Lorena Blume, Milena Wartho and Gala Briê.
In Brazil: Duda Beat and Liniker
In Portugal: Nenny.
In Spain: Zahara, Belén Aguilera, Carmen Boza, Marilia Monzón, Paula Mattheus, Chica Sobresalto, Sole Gimenez and Jaqui Lin.

This initiative has been created to promote gender equality in music by adapting and extending the cumulative model of Spotify’s successful programs.

Only 1 in 5 artists on the charts are women, which contrasts with the influence of women in the current success of Spotify and the music industry in general.

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