You can travel around
the world through
a song.

If there is something that cannot be trapped behind a wall, it is sound. And if that sound, moreover, becomes good music, it automatically becomes universal. That is why, in our search for good music, we have been opening offices in the countries where they know how to make it best.


Hierro, 33, 3ª, 28045
Madrid, Spain

Miguel Martorell Spain Director.

Craig Harris, Publishing Director.


Edifício Infante, Av. D. João II Nº35, Piso 11
1990-083 Lisboa

Vitor Macedo Country Manager Portugal


417 S Hill St Suite 1250 Los Angeles, Ca 90013

Alina Escarcega US PR & Marketing


Tonalá 59, Colonia Roma Norte, 06700 Ciudad de México

Josue Orduña, General Manager México


Luis Gabriel Castillo, Managing Director Colombia


Triana 861
Providencia, Santiago de Chile

Cecilia Huerta Country Manager Chile


Camilo Vega, Country Manager Perú


Rua Pacheco Leão nº 862 – Rio de Janeiro

Rua Iperoig, 756 – São Paulo

Renata Mader, Country Manager Brazil – Distribution

Heloisa Aidar, Publishing


Hipólito Yrigoyen 4027 – Buenos Aires

Milagros Amorena – Managing Director Argentina


Piazzale Biancamano, 8 – Milano

Giulia Giampietro, Managing Director Italia

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