Video and music

A global service, without intermediaries, fast and efficient, a team in ten countries in Europe and Latin America in constant interaction with the platforms.

By your side:
from start to finish.

As a Music-Centric company, artists and music are at the core of whatever we do. Altafonte works as a partner together with artists, managers and labels to offer the best opportunities to reach fans in their core markets or across the globe.

We can be with you from the beginning of your creative process until the moment we can think together on the best way to deliver your music with our A&R’s, Labels managers and marketing teams.

Altafonte may support you in many ways or simply open doors for the distribution of your music. We are constantly listening to artists, labels, managers and business partners to offer the best association in the independent music industry.

Digital distribution:
Over 155 music and video
platforms worldwide

Physical distribution:
CD distribution, Vinyl
and music books

We are distributors in major retail chains and specialised shops in Iberia and Latin America. We offer manufacturing, logistics and own distribution in Spain and Mexico, as well as point of sale marketing in DSP’s and physical shops.


We take care of each production, attending to the demands of our partners and suggesting formats and editions suitable for the type of release you want to carry out. We treat each album as what it is: a unique piece.

Programmatic MKT

In the digital environment, audience is key.

We use the latest analysis and segmentation technologies to help you define your audience and how to reach them, through the automated purchase of audience space on the Internet, optimizing investment by impacting exclusively the pre-defined audience.

Knowing and controlling your audience will increase your chances of success.


We sign temporary contracts based on fair agreements for all parties and tailor our service to meet the needs of our partners.

global rights

We draw up individual contracts for each case that are specifically tailored to the needs of our partners.

Our contracts are flexible and in line with the latest market developments.

You choose how you want to work with us.

We manage, co-publish and sub-publish catalogues from all over the world, always with transparency and equality, ensuring the monitoring of uses, the promotion of the repertoire, the processing of licenses and the direct collection of royalties.

Signing any kind of contract with us ensures total dedication and commitment from the whole team.

We take care of everything: contracts, registration of concerts and tours, negotiation of licenses, analytics, collections… so that you can spend your time doing what you do best: good music.

Management of
Neighboring Rights

We handle the collection of royalties from producers with collecting societies worldwide.

Thanks to our investment in the development of our own technology, we can ensure efficient management under rigorous quality control in terms of metadata and the implementation of local laws.

Our global collection network has direct agreements with more than 30 collecting societies, keeping collection times to a minimum for our partners.


We promote the works of labels, producers and artists from all over the world by finding suitable synchros for each of their repertoires in media such as advertising, film, internet, radio and television. We communicate these opportunities with our partners, always ensuring that they have the final say on the use of their work.

Music Label

We don’t just distribute good music. We can also produce it and bring our love for music from a stage before distribution. Either way, the important thing is to keep good music taking the world by storm.

Music licensing.
Production and
platforms worldwide

Everything to do with music. That’s why, depending on each case, we could produce or co-produce the content of our partners. We also reach licensing agreements for recordings already made… as you can see, we adapt to each and every need you may have.

Every song is unique. The way you approach it should be too.

PR promotion,
advertising and MKT

We look for the highest exposure for each project with strategic campaigns on social networks and digital platforms. Promoted posts on Facebook or Twitter, visual impacts on Shazam, impressions for your videos on YouTube or VEVO… all with the advice of our Online Marketing department and the support of real PR specialists in the world of music.


Recording, artwork, packaging and cover design, photo shoots, video clips, social media content generation… if you have it in your head, we can make it happen.

Spanish urban
record label

Boa música” is the Galician name for ” Good música”. And this is the essence, the soul, behind more than 25 years of history supporting the best of the Spanish urban scene. Betting on boa música

Betting on boa música

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