Bronco is more Bronco than ever


They say that something bronco is that which keeps its original character. And, above all, that is hard to tame. That’s why today, one of the most iconic Mexican music bands of all time remains true to its spirit: Bronco is more Bronco than ever.

Many years have passed since they rose their first notes in the north of Mexico, in Apocada. Dozens of number one hits. Hundreds of recognitions. Thousands of concerts after, they go independent under their own label “Quetono Music” and the independence has suited them very well.

That’s why we are so happy that they have trusted Altafonte to be their partners in this new chapter of their career. Helping them to continue sharing quality music and to take it all over the US and Latin America, being able to be closer to their fans and in the digital world at the same time. To come back more broncos than ever.

Because the more bronco hearts in the world, the sooner we can make it a better place.

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