‘lightship’ the perfect album


The forthcoming album Lightship is a stunning aural artwork of immense expansive sounds, which has already been receiving great early reviews from the likes of MOJO and Uncut.

“Kate Havnevik has always been good at inven5ng in5mate dreamscapes… Lightship shows her returning to a more personal, experimental approach, with collaborator Guy Sigsworth enhancing and accentua5ng her choral delivery, quirky textures and shimmering skiBering melodies”

“Kate Havnevik makes manicured electro-pop that radiates 5nselly sparkle and cosy winter warmth”

Ahead of the release of her fourth album Lightship on January 21st via Con8nen8ca Records, Norwegian experimental ar8st, composer, producer and musician Kate Havnevik has released the first episode of The Lightship Conversa5ons, a descrip8ve interview series about specific tracks on the new album.

The series features conversa8ons between Kate and long-term producing partner Guy Sigsworth, hosted by Norwegian TV and radio presenter Per Sundnes. The series starts by discussing the latest single ‘Dream Her To Life’, with the conversation. Episodes will be released weekly on Kate’s YouTube channel and the series will finish on February 9th.

Listen Here!

The record is full of rare instrumentation and glorious songwriting, which delivers Kate Havnevik’s most progressive and beautiful record to date. It has been named after London’s most unique floating recording studio on the River Thames, Lightship 95, where the pair recorded the album.





Lightship includes previously released singles such as the majestic ‘Taking Flight’, which was created with the baroque instrument virginals, while the pulsating electronic pop track ‘Into Dark’ has been produced with a ring modulator and FM synth. The wishful ‘Starlight Fires’ features the celesta and creates a fairytale atmosphere with a celebrative beat.

The latest single ‘Dream Her To Life’ is a curious and playful track featuring Kate’s stunning vocals, wide-ranging harmonies, handclaps, and pizzicato cello played on keys, which together produce a dreamy feel-good glacial anthem full of op8mism.



Kate Havnevik first rose to prominence with her cri8cally acclaimed self-released debut album MELANKTON in 2006, which also proved a hit in film and TV, including having 10 songs featured in Grey’s Anatomy – a record for any ar8st – and following the pandemic has seen new fans consistently engaging with Kate’s back catalogue achieving mul8-million streams.

Kate is a proudly independent ar8st and self-released her following albums including You in 2012 and &I in 2015. Kate’s last album Mariana’s World in 2020 also formed the soundtrack for the Norwegian film Alle Utlendinger Har Lukka Gardiner.

As well as her con8nued work with Guy Sigsworth, Kate has also collaborated with the likes of Röyksopp, DJ Carmen Rizzo, Schiller and prominent producers such as Marius De Vries (Björk, PJ Harvey, Bebel Gilberto), Paul Statham (Dido, Kylie Minogue), Noel Hogan (The Cranberries).

Kate Havnevik is burs8ng with crea8vity that holds no bounds and the forthcoming album Lightship is a beau8ful body of work pulling from the outer reaches of the electronic sphere,

centralised under a fascina8ng pop scope and proving to be her most mesmerising album yet.

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