Into Dark – Kate Havnevik

‘Into Dark’ is a pulsating electronic pop track, where warped synths are paired with
soaring yet eerily twisted vocals all met with pounding industrial tones.
Regarding the single Kate says, “The lyrics are inspired by a book we’d both read
about people who fake their own death. Most people who do it are either fleeing the
law or committing insurance fraud. We were more drawn to the idea of
people wanting a second chance, wanting to re-invent themselves, wanting an
The track has been created with Kate’s long term producing partner Guy Sigsworth
(Björk, Madonna, Alanis Morisette) who adds, “While we were jamming on the
Lightship, we found this really cool sound using a ring modulator. Kate immediately
began singing something beautiful over it. I then realised that, cool as it was, it could

only actually play one note. I kept obstinately repeating that note, so as not to break
Kate’s melodic flow. It started out sounding like a mouth harp but gradually became
much more fierce and aggressive.”

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