Nino Augustine – Serenata

Panamanian-American artist Nino Augustine announces his latest single, the perreo banger “Serenata,” off his latest album, Global Ninz–both which will be released on May 21. The video was shot on location in Medellin, Colombia giving the addictive reggaeton number an enticing visual.

Releasing on newly-formed imprint Factoria Sounds, Global ninz is a gumbo of Nino’s roots, exploring the different sounds that make up his identity, including salsa, trap, Afrobeats, reggaeton and even synth pop.

“Global Ninz is what you’d get if my DNA ancestry test was an album. I came to the USA young enough to make this my home but old enough where I’m very connected and shaped by music from back home in Panama. I’m blessed to come to these genres authentically because of who I am and where I’m from and where I have been. Whether it’s in Spanish or English, dancehall, reggaeton or rap, it’s all my musical DNA and it’s authentic to me and my life which – because of a lot of reasons – is global,” says Augustine about the album.

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