Millions of code lines able to manage hundreds of thousands of teras of megadata… with a single finger and in the simplest way.

ABO: Technology
at the service
of creativity.

Altafonte has been developing for years one of the best digital music distribution platforms on the planet: Altafontte Back Office. Although we call it ABO.

ABO allows artists and labels to manage their music business in a powerful, easy, intuitive and transparent way, being at the same time a logistic, financial and marketing platform.

ABO is a tool in constant evolution and innovation that adapts to the pace of the music industry and the needs of labels and artists.

It is a transparent tool shared by artists, labels and the Altafonte team.

ABO’s features include:

– Digital music distribution and management.

– Detailed visualisation of revenue, usage and other business metrics.

As extended functionalities you can also find:

– Invoice generation and tracking.

– Royalty management

– Physical distribution management.

– Digital marketing and promotion management.

ABO takes care of automating and simplifying the most complex technological processes, so that you don’t have to waste time and can continue to dedicate yourself to your music.

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