Music Label

We don’t just distribute good music. We can also produce it and bring our love for music from a stage before distribution. Either way, the important thing is to keep good music taking the world by storm.

Music licensing.
Production and
platforms worldwide

Everything to do with music. That’s why, depending on each case, we could produce or co-produce the content of our partners. We also reach licensing agreements for recordings already made… as you can see, we adapt to each and every need you may have.

Every song is unique. The way you approach it should be too.

PR promotion,
advertising and MKT

We look for the highest exposure for each project with strategic campaigns on social networks and digital platforms. Promoted posts on Facebook or Twitter, visual impacts on Shazam, impressions for your videos on YouTube or VEVO… all with the advice of our Online Marketing department and the support of real PR specialists in the world of music.


Recording, artwork, packaging and cover design, photo shoots, video clips, social media content generation… if you have it in your head, we can make it happen.

Spanish urban
record label

Boa música” is the Galician name for ” Good música”. And this is the essence, the soul, behind more than 25 years of history supporting the best of the Spanish urban scene. Betting on boa música

Betting on boa música

BOA Catalogue
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